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Sizing Information

tara grinna size chart

How to correctly measure your bra size:
Measure just under bustline (while wearing a non padded bra).

  • If measurement is below 33 add 5 inches.
  • If above 33 inches add 3 inches. 
  • This is your band size. Band size is always an even number so if yours is an odd number, scale up to next even number.
  • For example: If your measurement is 28 and you add 5 it reveals a band measurement of 33. Go up to next even number which is 34.
  • Now measure the fullest part of your breast while wearing a non padded bra. Subtract the band size from this number. This number should range from 0 to 7 or maybe even more.

A 0 inch difference is an AA cup.
A 1 inch difference is a A cup
A 2 inch difference is a B cup
A3 inch difference is a C cup
A 4 inch difference is a D cup
A 5 inch difference is an DD cup
A 6 inch difference is an E cup
A 7 inch difference is an F cup

You should now have your band size and cup size. Combine these and this is your bra size! 

How to buy your Tara Grinna bra sized top:

At Tara Grinna, with some bra sizes, (102, 112, 142 and 152 ) we divide the band measurement into 2 figure types (smaller rib frame and larger rib frame).

  • If your band measurement is 32, 34, or 36 then should buy a 32/36 size top.
  • This is basically a small rib caged or framed woman. ( if you are a 36 and prefer a looser fit you may want to size up to the 38/42 size or use the bra back extender which is included with your top).
  • If you have a 38, 40, or 42 band measurement then choose a 38/42 size top in these three styles. ( you will need to wear your bra back extender if you are a 42 or above)

This typically, but not ALWAYS means you are a larger framed person.
These extenders mentioned above offer several back adjustments so that you can fit yourself comfortably.



Many tops are available in exact band sizes of 32, 34, 36, 38, 40,42, and 44.
Some tops are geared for smaller cup sizes and some are geared for larger cups. See description of each top for details. If there is no detail, then assume the top will fit a range of average cup sizes of B, C, D and many times even a DD.

The remaining tops are available with Cup size only (A, B, C, D, DD).

This means that the band size is completely adjustable (most likely this top ties in the back so you can tie it as you prefer). We highly recommend that with any top like this that you tie the rib cage band as snugly as you can first, lean forward to place your cups into the top and then lift them up by securing the neck strap by tying them where the seam and ends and soft end piece begins. This will give you the optimum fit and lift.

In all tops beginning with a B size option (without an A cup size option) please remember that in most cases the top will fit AA thru B size cups because of a removable pad inside the top.

*For all two piece tops we recommend that you secure the rib band first (the tighter the better for optimum lift and support), lean forward and lift breasts into the cups and then lastly secure straps either at neck ( where the seam meats the soft end piece ) or over the shoulder.

If straps are over the shoulder, you should then pull back band down so that it rests straight on the back and not elevated above the cups. (stand sideways in a mirror and make sure your back strap is not riding above the bottom of the cups in the front). These straps can also be adjusted