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Article: A Christmas miracle on King Street!

A Christmas miracle on King Street!

On Dec 17th 2018, just one week before Christmas, a precious little Chihuahua named Mr. Jingles found himself alone & homeless after his owner died. His deceased owner’s family did not want to keep him. It was fate that Southern Tails Rescue was referred to them.

He arrived into my home, a terrified little fella but 100% all snuggles and cheek kisses! I decided to take this precious little chap downtown to the Charleston Place Hotel to see the Christmas train & decorations in hopes of cheering him up. I dressed him up in a new little Christmas sweater and out the door we went. He pranced so proudly in his sweater and walked so well on a leash. I was so proud. He was just adorable to watch!

Not long after we arrived to the beautiful hotel lobby, I noticed a very elegant couple stepping out of the elevators with 3 adorable Chihuahua's beautifully dressed... one in her Christmas dress and one sporting a bow tie. I looked down at Mr. Jingles and said to him "Don't worry little fella, I am going to find a family just like that for you!!"

We walked through the hotel and out onto King Street, just enjoying all the sounds of Christmas bells and carolers on the sidewalk. Then, Mr. Jingles found a doggie water bowl at the entrance to one of the shops (Tara Grinna’s newest boutique) and began drinking. I heard a woman say to him how cute he was in his Christmas sweater.

As I looked up to thank her, I realized she was the same woman I had noticed earlier in the hotel lobby with her husband and 3 adorable chihuahuas stepping out of the elevator. She introduced herself as Tara Grinna & invited us to come in and meet her fur-babies, too. As she took us to the back of the store, I realized she was not a customer, but the owner!

We made our way to the back of the store where Tara showed me her three very petite fur-babies, adorably dressed up for Christmas! Mr. Jingles, with his tail wagging, immediately went up to sniff everyone. They all happily introduced themselves to each other.

Dash, sporting a Christmas plaid bowtie, was the happiest to meet Mr. Jingles. It was the cutest scene to watch as they instantly hit it off. I explained his story to Tara and, with a heavy heart, she shared with me that most of her fur-babies were rescues with sad backgrounds, too. She went on to tell me that Dash got his namesake from the "Dash-n-Go" gas station he was found at not too long ago.

He was abandoned there by his owner and left to fend for himself. She sadly said they watched him go up to every car that stopped at the gas station, looking for his owners. The attendant told them he'd been there all day & must have been abandoned. They scooped him up and off to the vet they went, changing little Dash's life forever!

We stayed until her boutique closed, exchanged numbers, as Tara was so graciously determined to help Mr. Jingles find his forever home.

Mr. Jingles and I headed back home. A week later, I received a phone call from Tara and she had exciting news to share - She wanted to adopt Mr.Jingles! She and her husband just couldn't stop thinking about him. They were determined to welcome into their family, so it was made official!

Mr. Jingles Christmas wish turned into a Christmas Miracle all because of you, Tara Grinna! You are so much more than an amazing business woman with a beautiful boutique! You have a heart of gold and I could not have ever imagined finding a better home for Mr. Jingles than the one he's in right now with you and your family!

I will never be able to thank you for your kindness and generosity not only towards Mr. Jingles but to my rescue! You are a treasure Tara Grinna!!

By Lisa Guido
Founder : Southern Tails for Precious Paws

Professional photos by Colleen White 

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